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Locations for Beach Portraits

When visiting Destin Florida for family vacation, this is the perfect opportunity to update your family photo.

While your portraits can be taken at your beach location, there are several public beach accesses that are popular along the coast.

1. Henderson Beach State Park

Henderson Beach State Park is always a reliable and beautiful place for portraits. Located in the center of Destin, this park offers not only beautiful beaches but also large dunes without any condos or houses blocking the view! This makes the park a great location for families wanting the choice of a few backgrounds.

2. Scenic 98

There are several public accesses along scenic Hwy 98. This area is a bit more populated with condos and beach houses, therefore portraits are taken over the water. Some of these accesses include: Barracuda Street Beach Access, Crystal Beach Beach Access, Miramar Regional Beach Access, Pompano Street Beach Access, and Tarpon Street Beach Access. These are just a few. Check out the list HERE!

3. John Beasley Park

Beasly Park is another beautiful choice if you are staying in Fort Walton Beach or on Okaloosa Island, Florida.

This access offers a large strip of beach as well as large dunes without condos or buildings in the background. You also have a view of the Okaloosa Pier in the background, giving you several options for backgrounds in your next photo session.

4. The Jetties (O'Steen Beach Access)

The Jetties are a unique place to have your portraits taken. If you are looking for something a little different and more nautical than beach, this is your spot. With views of the Destin Pass and the jetties for your background this is truly a fun place. The large dunes, water and massive rocks are perfect! The walk to the jetties is not sort but it is definitely worth the hike!

5. 30A

There are several quaint towns along 30A that are perfect for your portrait session. Seaside, Rosemary Beach, and Grayton Beach State Park are breathtaking areas. Grayton Beach State Park has been named one of the most beautiful beaches in the US! These are just to name a few! If you are staying in the 30A area, I would be more than happy to discuss the many other options for your portraits.

These are just a few locations along the beautiful Emerald Coast. We are so blessed to be surrounded by so much beauty!


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