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  • How do I book my session?
    To book your beach photography session or wedding session, please complete the contact form on the contact me page or call 850-374-7046.
  • When should I book my session?
    Destin Beach portrait sessions book very fast for the Summer or “Peak Season” dates (Memorial Day to Labor Day). It is recommended that you book your beach session as soon as you book your vacation.
  • What time is my session?
    All beach portraits are scheduled at sunrise or within the hour before sunset. These two times are the very best to take pictures on the beach! We are limited to these times due to the brightness of the sun reflecting off the white sand and water. Trying to take portraits on the beach during any other times of the day would cause bright pictures and squinting!
  • Where will my session take place?
    Your session location will be determined at the time of your booking. If you are staying on the beach or have access to a private beach, we can travel to you. However, during peak season some locations can get very crowded. We have several beach locations that we can recommend if you do not have access to a private beach!
  • Can I bring additional people to my session?
    If you choose to include additional people in your portrait session, please call us to go over the details. I welcome you and your additional family members and friends, however, there are a few details I need to go over with you to ensure your session goes smoothly!
  • Can I reschedule my portrait session?
    We understand that unexpected events can occur. If something should happen and you would need to reschedule your beach portrait session, please give us a call as soon as possible.
  • What if it rains???
    I am always watching the weather. I try to hold off on canceling your portraits until closer to your session. There are days that start off very dreary and rainy but end will the most beautiful sunset! So I do not like to cancel too early in the day! If by some chance the rain does not clear out, I will try to reschedule your session within your stay. However, if I cannot reschedule you to your satisfaction I will cancel your session and you will receive a full refund!
  • What do I wear to my beach session?
    For family portraits I would recommend a simple & similar overall tone. I normally prefer tones of solid colors with little pattern, too many patterns can look busy. This is a time for you to be YOU, what colors are your favorite or do you feel most comfortable in? I also have a “What to Wear” board on Pinterest that has some great outfits & color combos that could help ALOT!
  • What do you mean by editing?
    We crop and edit all portraits before sending them to you! What does this mean? We will crop them down to a managable and printable size. As for editing: We will adjust some brightness and color levels, we take people out of the background, etc. We will not alter your appearance unless special requests have been made. There could be a charge for additional editing outside of our normal range!
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