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What to Wear to your Beach Portrait Session?

You and your family are going to be all together on vacation with a beautiful backdrop. What better time for family portraits?

Now what to wear?

This can be such a stressful decision for most families! You are not the only one in this boat, I hear this question quite often.

Should We Wear White?

Wearing white for family portraits is very classic and neutral. White can be easily matched. This can come in handy when dealing with planning portraits with families in different states. Coordinating colors can be very stressful.

What about bright colors?

Wearing bright colors can be Great! Shades of blue, green, and pink look fantastic on the beautiful white sand. Try to keep the colors in the same tonal range. Such as if you have decided on light pastel colors for one person, everyone in your group should wear light pastel colors.

What about patterns?

Patterns can be okay in moderation. Too many patterns will look busy and can be distracting. It is best to limit the patterns on your clothing for family portraits!

A few last tips:

Bare feet is best on the beach. If someone chooses to leave their shoes on, try to get them to wear light colored shoes or socks. This way the dark shoes will not stick out against the white sand.

Avoid Ruffles- They are very cute, especially on children. However, on windy days on the beach they can be blown up and in faces.

Simple Jewelry is Best. Bold jewelry can be distracting and cause glares with the sunlight. It is best to keep all jewelry simple, to keep the focus on you and your family!

Limit Lotion before portraits. I know! No one wants dry skin! Try to apply lotion early, so it will easily absorb. If lotion is not fully absorbed before your beach session, sand will stick to your legs, hands, arms, etc!

Click on the picture below to view our Pinterest Page of example of What to Wear.

Pinterest is a great place for a little inspiration.

Remember to Relax & Smile! Your family is going to have a wonderful time on vacation and these are memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!

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